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    Lens Question

    I have a Cambo 4X5 rail camera with a Caltar type S 135mm lens. I really want to go to a field camera because the rail camera is so big and bulky. My question is can my lens work on any 4x5 field camera as long as I have the right lens board. If I can use this lens it would be great because it looks like it will save me a lot of $$$$$! Really been looking at a Wista.

    Thanks for the help!

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    Re: Lens Question

    Yup, if it works on one 4x5, it works on all 4x5's, as long as you can get it on the right lensboard!
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    Re: Lens Question

    Tony, Yes your 135 Caltar will work with any 4x5 camera as long as you have a lens board that match the camera. For the Wista, a Linhof, Technika, Shen-Hao and many other lens boards will work.
    For LF it is the Image Circle (IC) that is the most important parameter when moving lenses between formats but switching from a rail camera to a field camera makes no difference. 156mm or so IC is the most important factor.

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    Re: Lens Question

    Thanks for the help!! Another question, is buying a lens board I assume specific to the hole size or the lens brand? Could you also give me a few place to look to purchase one?


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    Re: Lens Question has several previously owned Wista lens boards listed.

    Look under "large format" in the "camera store" section for a lens board with a 34-35 mm opening (Copal 0).

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