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    Camera Bellows

    Can Anyone help by telling me of suitable materials (other than leather) that ca n be used for making bellows. And where I may purchase such material.

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    Camera Bellows

    Check out this site: If you dig around on the site you'll find some info on material he used to make bellows.

    You may also want to check out http://

    I also remembering reading somewhere about using a material called UltraSuede, or ballistics cordura with a liner.

    Try searching on Lots of info there.

    Hope that helps!


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    Camera Bellows

    This is so cheap I'm almost embarrassed to mention it, but over the years, I've folded several bellows by layering ordinary Kraft paper and dark-colored Contact paper. The Kraft paper holds creases nicely, and the Contact covers pinholes and gives the final product a "leather-like" look. End results have held up under moderate use for quite a few years. I lay out the fold pattern on Kraft paper, and fold a few "prototypes" to be sure I'm getting it right, then before folding the final, I stick a sheet of Contact to the side that's not marked with the fold pattern. Obviously, you can buy these materials just about anywhere.

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    Camera Bellows

    A material called "Pleather" is exellent. I found it at JoAnn Fabrics.

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