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Thread: A Small Survey Please ...

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    A Small Survey Please ...

    Some of the previous threads have got me thinking just how digital are we here. I?d like this thread to be a small survey of our processes and markets.

    I?ll jump first ? I use a LF camera for transparencies which I then scan myself and either size for client web use, or work the file in PS to outsource for digi tal printing. I e-mail proofs to clients, webmasters, and print house, with fin al file burned to CD.

    We?ve already been treated to a number of digital vs. traditional threads recent ly, so as that famous inspector said ? Just the facts, please? . Thanks in advan ce to all respondents - traditional, digital, and hybrids.

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    A Small Survey Please ...

    I shoot black & white 4x5 film exclusively and do all traditional processing and printing to both RC and Fiberbase paper. Labwork is a custom b&w lab that I run in Cleveland, Ohio. We do quite a bit of work for clients internationally so I do see that there is a demand for traditional processes.

    Labwork 216/621-7567

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    A Small Survey Please ...

    no digital C1 8x10 with Ilford HP5 processed with a Jobo CPA for contact prints on Azo #2 and pt/pd

    I pay for this by shooting weddings and a few portraits. I use Canon Eos's mostly and some Bronica 6x6.

    and of course, my trusty and beloved fleet of Holgas

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    A Small Survey Please ...

    Toy 8x10G, B+W all the way, RC proofs and fibre prints. Some 120 colour, 35mm B+W IR. Scan the work for the web, sell from the net, and through local galleries. Will someday (I am sure) end up printing digitally, but hold out small hope that companies like Berger will fill the niche when the big-boys (Kodak, Agfa, Ilford) pack it in for the digital dollar.

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    A Small Survey Please ...

    habs/haer work, japanese bound books of streetscapes and portraiture all in 4x5 and 5x7. i do custom b/w processing and printing mostly on rc and fiber paper. i do have a scanner & digital camera 35mm and it is pretty much only used for family snapshots or when i sell some junque on ebay. - - - john
    enjoy your coffee

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    A Small Survey Please ...

    4x5, 6x7, 35mm B&W neg and Color transparencies - roller processed. Scanned, stored and printed - all with Epson's best. I guess that makes me a hybrid!

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    A Small Survey Please ...

    5x7s and 8x10s with Deardorff. Mostly portraits and still lifes. Ilford FP4+ in pyro. Silver contact prints on Azo in amidol. Platinum and palladium prints on Arches Platine.... I use a little Sony digital camera sometimes to capture an object I want to sell on ebay and, very rarely, to make a picture of one of my traditional prints to email to somebody. -jeff buckels

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    A Small Survey Please ...

    i make photographs for advertising, architectural, industrial, and editorial clients. For large format work I shoot film and have it scanned on a high end scanner.

    If I shot catalogs, there is no question it would mostly if not totally be on digital media.

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    A Small Survey Please ...

    4x5 and 6x7 work. Velvia for color. HP5+, Acros in XTOL or Pyro, then scanned.

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    A Small Survey Please ...

    Color landscapes are shot on film (usually Velvia or Provia) ranginf rom 6x9 through 8x10 and then most usually drum scanned and printed 16 x20 on an iris Giclee printer by my fine art lab, ej arts. Some are also scanned and printed as lightjet prints, depends ont eh subject matter.

    B&W is processed conventionally in my lab and printed on fiber paper.

    Animal portraits are shot both 6x9 and digital and printed on lightjet printer.

    Catalogue work for craftsmen is done digitally for their website use.

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