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Thread: Static & Staticmaster Brushes.

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    Static & Staticmaster Brushes.

    Having turned Denver upside down, looking for replacement cartridges for Staticm aster brushes, I finally went on the 'net' and contacted the company who makes t hem. NRD, in Grand Island, NY. Got tired of finding some brushes than only had s ix months left on the expiration date. When I contacted the factory, they said t hey ship them out fresh with an 18 month effective date. The factory price was j ust about the same as the local dealer price. Why deal with a dealers stock that has just been sitting there with the clock ticking twords the expiration date. No, I don't have any connection with the company. Just a pro, interested in gett ing my money's worth. You can reach NRD at or 1-800-525-8076. Sta ticmasters have always been a stable for me for use cleaning film holders and ne gs, as I place them in my enlarger. Just thought I would pass this on. Best rega rds, Richard Boulware - Denver.

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    Static & Staticmaster Brushes.

    I prefer Simco, a combination of brush and ionizator which has worked for many decades. Second hand they are ever so cheap.

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    Static & Staticmaster Brushes.

    I like the wide Kinetronics brushes. Long-lasting and no cartridges to worry about.

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