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Thread: Brown Toner,Kodak, Use of

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    Brown Toner,Kodak, Use of

    Can someone please supply dilutions of Kodak Professional Brown Toner.I wish to use it in conjunction with Kodak selenium toner to achieve a subtle cold brown tone on Agfa Multi Fibre Gloss paper,dev in Dektol.I am open to suggestions on how to achieve the above.

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    Brown Toner,Kodak, Use of

    It's one ounce of concentrate to one quart of cold may need to use a hardening bath after it's all said & done too. Kodak seels that Liquid Hardener in a separate jug as well....for waht you're doing though, I might try to find some Polytoner (at least the 1 qt. bottle), which is basically a combination of selenium and brown toner to begin with. I think Kodak recently discontinued this product, but I'll bet you can still find it. Viradon is close to brown toner too...hope this helps.

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    Brown Toner,Kodak, Use of

    Yes, Kodak Polytoner has been discontinued. It is not in the latest Kodak catalog.

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    Brown Toner,Kodak, Use of

    I'm not sure what you mean by a "cold brown tone". To me, anything brown is warm, not cold. Can you be more explicit about the effect you seek?

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    Brown Toner,Kodak, Use of

    No more Polytoner? I can't believe it! By testing at various dilutions and times you can arrive at a wide range of beautiful colors, making Polytoner one of the most versitlile toning agents. And all without bleach reduction or unpleasant odor. What is this world coming to?

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