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Thread: Another big trip, here we go.....

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    Another big trip, here we go.....

    OK, its been too many months (10) since a big trip so its time to hit the road again. This time, I am planning on heading back to Kenya (I have work there for 3 weeks) but want to stay over for another 2 or 3 months. I am going to be travelling the width of the continent and then end up in Mauritania where I am going to catch a ride on the ore train across the sahara and then freight truck to morocco. From there, its a ferry into Spain, train to Rotterdam and then freight ship across the Atlantic back to the states.

    Now, here are my issues...

    I can't take a 4x5, just too much weight and a tripod is not going to work either. I am going to be taking my 1ds mk3, 50mm lens and 35mm lens. Ill also probably bring my bessa R3a and 35mm lens and a bunch of 35mm film as a second option/backup of sorts. I want to be able to charge my canon batteries along with the ipod for those long trips so I am bringing a felxible solar panel to charge with. I want to bring a small netbook and 2 small USB hard drives so I can back up my digital files. I guess what I am asking is... Which netbook is recommended for travel like this (i.e. light weight, good battery life, decent speed) and who has experience with travel in the Mauritanina/Western Sahara/Senegal/Mali area.

    Huh? Oh, right, keep moving.

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    Re: Another big trip, here we go.....

    I don't have a clue to advise you. Maybe one clue: I would take my M5 bodies (Bigfoot & Bubba) and the classic trio: 35-50-90 lenses. One bushel each of Aristia Premium 100 & 400 and one bushel of Fujichome. Not sure which flavor.

    I am jealous and envious as heck.

    Have a great trip. Be safe. Have fun. Show us the photos.
    Deep in the darkest heart of the North Carolina rainforest.

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