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Thread: Lens caps - perhaps a solution?

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    Lens caps - perhaps a solution?

    Not wanting to start a new thread, but a recent foray to Ebay this morning in me d format resulted in a bit of serendipity - a new vendor (on ebay) has turned up offering, of all things, metal screw-in lens caps, (and many other items), in l arge sizes. Doesn't address the rear element very well, but a dialogue with the vendor may be fruitful. At any rate his prices seemed reasonable (to me...), so ordered a few. Will see what I get. The vendor is "American Eagle Filters & Ac cessories" Sebring Fl. url= I'm not endorsing the company, just passing on the info.

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    Lens caps - perhaps a solution?

    Metal lens caps are not such a bad idea. They do not fall off lenses, unlike other clip-on caps.

    I also use them as end-caps when screwing together filters and keeping them stacked to save space.

    I haven't bought anything from the vendor you refer to, so I can not offer any coments about them, other than that their prices are a bit high compared to what you can find if you shop around.

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    Lens caps - perhaps a solution?

    How about dealing for a badly abused screw in filter at the next camera swap meet??? Wouldnt that do about the same thing? I eliminated the problem many years ago. Nothing decent was ever available (try to find a cap for a 10"wf Ektar) so I started to make my own lenscaps.

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