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Thread: LF Photographers in Edinburgh (or anywhere in Scotland)

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    LF Photographers in Edinburgh (or anywhere in Scotland)


    I live in Edinburgh, Scotland. I shoot 4x5 (or 5x4 if you're British!) I like la ndscapes, cityscapes and nightime photography. I have no practical experience of still-life, portrait, alternative processes or infra-red photography.

    I'm looking for other people who would like to meet up occasionally to do some shooting or just to have coffee/beer and talk about LF photography.



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    LF Photographers in Edinburgh (or anywhere in Scotland)


    Why bother with all of that other CR#P. You live in one of THE MOST beautiful, photogenic places in the world! I'd take scenics for the rest of my life, if it were me.

    All seriousness asside,I'd really give anything to be in your shoes (photographically).

    Send me you beer. I'll send you mine.

    Steve F.

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    LF Photographers in Edinburgh (or anywhere in Scotland)

    One way to meet others with similar large format landscape interests would be set up or attend a weekend seminar, with instruction provided by a professional photographer. The seminars could be held near a location particularly appealing to the instructor. Lodging might be provided at a youth hostel. Attendees could be provided lists of lodging available in the area, with each attendee responsible for obtaining his or her own lodging. By searchig the web you can numerous workshops

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    Re: LF Photographers in Edinburgh (or anywhere in Scotland)

    Hi Colin,

    I read your message about Edinburgh. I've posted details of a photography workshop that is happening in Edinburgh in March that you may be interested in. Details below:

    Photography workshop with Lois Greenfield and Australian Dance Theatre
    Saturday 31 March 2007, at the Festival Theatre, Edinburgh
    12.00pm - 2.00pm

    Australian Dance Theatre is bringing their outstanding show Held to the Festival Theatre on Friday 30 and Saturday 31 March. Different at each performance, the quick-fire ballistic rampage from these astonishingly athletic dancers is captured via a series of photographs, instantaneously enlarged and flashed onto giant screens. Projected behind these dancers, these amazing images allow us to see and experience movement in startlingly unexpected ways.

    For Held, Choreographer Garry Stewart works in close collaboration with the renowned New York photographer Lois Greenfield. Together they’ve interpreted the raw energy of the dance with the lens, screen and eye, so altering our perceptions of time and reality. Performers frozen in space preserve a moment, and lead the viewer to ponder the moments before and after the slice of time captured by her camera. Greenfield's work inspires us to re-evaluate how we see the performance, and movement, in particular. Please see for more information and to see samples of her work.

    ‘A feast for the eyes and a tour de force for the camera’ Deborah Jowitt, The Village Voice

    A photography workshop will take place on Saturday 31 March at 12.00pm at the Festival Theatre. In this workshop Lois shares her technique of lighting and stop action photography, explaining how she creates her signature photographic style, without digital manipulation of any kind. This workshop is ideal for students of photography, professional photographers and dance enthusiasts of any age. Tickets are only £5 but spaces are limited - please see or call 0131 529 6000 to book.


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    Re: LF Photographers in Edinburgh (or anywhere in Scotland)

    I do most of my LF photography in Scotland, despite living in Sweden. We try to spend 4-5 weeks in Coigach from Midsummer onwards each year, and I spend the evenings falling into bogs with a Sinar on my back. I'd love to share the experience if anyone from here is in the area at the same time.

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    Re: LF Photographers in Edinburgh (or anywhere in Scotland)


    I'm an LF photographer (well, sometimes!) who now lives in Scotland -- in Durness, up in Sutherland, to be precise. Edinburgh is 6 hours drive south of me, but that's no impediment to getting together, discussing technique, etc., and perhaps even taking some photographs. PM me and I'll send you my email address and telephone number.



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    Re: LF Photographers in Edinburgh (or anywhere in Scotland)

    Hi Colin, I wish I was there. But, I guess for now I will stay where it is much warmer.

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    Re: LF Photographers in Edinburgh (or anywhere in Scotland)

    Try for other uk users. I'm in the outer herbrides (Harris), so just skipping over to the mainland for a shoot isn''t always easy. (Recently we were storm bound, with no ferries . . .) BUT, I do have a sister in Edinburgh, so who knows. Maybe a planned meet/shoot/workshop might work. If you have loot, try the Inersnaid photography centre. They have GREAT people like Tillman Crane and John Blakemore as tutors

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    Re: LF Photographers in Edinburgh (or anywhere in Scotland)

    Wish we had met in July; I spent a memorable week in Harris and Lewis this past summer after a week in Edinburgh. The food and the people were wonderful; I'd go back in a flash. Landscape reminiscent of Newfoundland (and similar weather too!).
    A fellow LFer from my orchestra and I were originally booked on the BC Ferries up the Inside Passage to Alaska, but the ferry sank in March. Must return to Scotland soon.

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    Re: LF Photographers in Edinburgh (or anywhere in Scotland)

    Hi Colin I live in Aberdeen, have just bought my first 5x4, have been a photographer for many years, finally taken the plunge but dont know if my back can take it.

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