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Thread: Visit Toronto go to the ROM

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    Visit Toronto go to the ROM

    Hi Folks

    If you are in Toronto over the next 6 months why not plan to go to the Royal Ontario Museum.
    I just finished a 32 print show for Nigel Dickson that opened last night.
    Nigel's work is hanging as a compliment to the Vanitey Fair show that opens next week at the ROM.
    Nigel's portraits are in colour and black and white and are of Canadian Icons Portraits, that Saturday Night Magazine commissioned Nigel to photograph these subjects over the last 25 years.
    The VF show is in the Rolof Benny gallery on the top floor and Nigel's show is on the second floor. There is an admission to the ROM but a very nice way to spend an afternoon. The portrait of Ralph Klein is worth the price of admission.


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    Re: Visit Toronto go to the ROM

    Thanks for the info, Bob.


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    Re: Visit Toronto go to the ROM

    Thanks for the tip, Bob!

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