Which developer works best with Tri-X 8x10 sheet film considering grain, tonal character, speed, etc. . .for JOBO rotary process?? D76(1:1), D23, Xtol, Microdol-X, Ilfosol-S, (except HC-110)

I've been using T-Max400/T-Max RS and having a hard time to control the light on highlights(nudes) under studio lighting situation(Soft Box). Highlights are somewhat blocked and losing details on skin.

Then, I'm planning to run some tests on Tri-X with different developer. Since with Tri-X grain is more noticelable and low in resolution compared with T-Max I need to draw as much quality as I can from Tri-X. (I make mural prints, so both grain size and sharpness are very important while using Tri-X)

If you could share what you have, time, temp, rotation speed, EI, dilution, ... , I will appreciate it!! Thanks in advance riichi