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Thread: Muskoka / Huntsville area... must sees?

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    Muskoka / Huntsville area... must sees?

    Hi folks. Any tips on the must-sees around Huntsville (Ontario, not Alabama) and the Muskokas? I'm heading that way early October and would welcome some tips (especially landscape related and restaurants too). I'm ok for lodging... I'll be at the Deerhurst.

    Thanks - Daniel

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    Re: Muskoka / Huntsville area... must sees?

    If you're at Dearhurst head towards the park and go to Ragged Falls just to the west of Algonquin. It's a park on it's own but is very small... only a couple parking spots. Nice falls.

    Also if you head into the park the "Hardwood Day Hiking Trail" (I might have the name wrong but it's something like that) takes you back onto a hill overlooking a huge hardwood forest which will be blazing red in early October. It's one of the most popular fall colour viewing trails in Ontario.... but a bit of a hike in.

    In Bracebridge there is an area called "High Falls" on the way up to Dearhurst. Sometimes I can find the falls, and other times I can't. It isn't hard to find.... I'm just not the good with directions. I'm sure someone else can chirp in with directions.

    Downriver from the Ragged Falls area the river continues through a very nice area.


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    Re: Muskoka / Huntsville area... must sees?


    You forgot Oxtongue Rapids Rd (east of Deerhurst but not as far as Ragged Falls). One of my favorite spots and you've got some diversity for shooting. Rapids of course but the woods are really nice there as well.

    I think any sideroad off the beaten path would be worth exploring to be honest.
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