Preparing to shoot my first B&W 8x10 negatives and develop them using a Jobo drum on a Beseler motor base. My objective is to create negatives that scan well, so I'll be using Pyrocat-MC as a two-part compensating developer. I have a recipe developed from based on information from Sandy King. However, before I commit the materials and time, I would like to ask if anyone else is developing film with this approach and compare dilutions, temperatures, developing times, and film EI's.

Here's my recipe:

Films: Efke 25 exposed at ASA 25 and Ilford FP4+ exposed at ASA 100
Developer: Pyrocat-MC, Part A at 1:20 dilution Part B at 1:20 dilution
Developer and Presoak Temperature: 75 degrees F
Presoak: 3 to 5 minutes
Development Times (both films): (3 minute presoak) Part A: 5 minutes and Part B: 5 minutes