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    PDF Publishing Workshop DVD

    I just thought I report that I have been very impressed with the PDF Publishing Workshop DVD by Lenswork Magazine and Brooks Jensen.

    The workshop is encapsulated as a multi-media PDF and the production quality is superb; the sound and video quality is great.

    As Brooks points out the scope and purpose of the workshop DVD isn't intended as a tutorial for Adobe InDesign, Acrobat Professional or any of the other software that is featured in the workshop. However, there is plenty of pertinent content about those tools and how they are leveraged to produce PDF driven documents for presentation of photo portfolios.

    If you are a subscriber to Lenswork Extended you've seen the results of artful use of these tools. In the workshop DVD Brooks pulls back the curtain and shares his knowledge.

    I do admit that getting a $20 discount as a Lenswork subscriber tempted me enough to make the purchase, and I'm glad that I did. The offer is good till the end of August, but I suspect if you are a subscriber then you all ready know that.

    And no I'm not acting as an agent (pimp) for Brooks or Lenswork, just expressing my satisfaction. It's nice to purchase a product like this these days and not be disappointed. Of course since I wasn't experienced with InDesign and Adobe Acrobat I had little reason to be disappointed. If you are a seasoned user of these tools I expect this DVD isn't for you, Highly Reccomended otherwise.

    Don Bryant
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