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Thread: Enlarger Humidity

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    Enlarger Humidity

    Hi all,

    I have (as previously mentioned) an Omega D-something enlarger. It is set up on my bathroom counter, which has plenty of space for it. However, this room gets quite humid at times, obviously, from showers. Do I need to take the enlarger down and move it every time, therefore? Will dampness hurt the metal or the bellows? How about the lens (which of course I could remove separately if that is the only concern).

    Thank you!

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    Re: Enlarger Humidity

    A big concern might be when your bathroom is cool or cold. Suddenly introducing steam from a shower will cause physical condensation on the metal parts and lens. Dust then settles in the liquid condensate making a bit of a particulate mess on lens and condensers. You definitely don't want this. Metal parts are pretty much exposed aluminum or krinke black paint and probably won't be significantly degraded. I'd try wrapping the whole enlarger in a plastic baggy and tying it tightly to keep out the humidity spikes.

    Nate Potter, Washington DC

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    Re: Enlarger Humidity

    I won't even place an enlarger in the same room as a darkroom sink! But in a bathroom
    you're likely to get a mildewed mess although the bellows and corrosion elsewhere.
    Good way to wreck an enlarger. I'd agree with the plastic bag plan. Ventilate the
    bathroom well, then pull a great big polyethylene garbage bag over the thing and tighten the bottom with rubber bands. But don't leave it this way for long periods of time. Air things out whenever possible. Hope you have a good ventilation fan too.

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    Re: Enlarger Humidity

    Probably not the best idea for your enlarger storage. Along with the other posters concerns I would add that if your base board is un sealed particle board the humidity may cause water damage that is not reversible on drying - unfortunately, I have first hand experience with this If you have to store it there, at least take the lens to a dry part of your house and hope for the best.

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    Re: Enlarger Humidity

    Thank you all!

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