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Thread: Horseman 910 Good or?

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    Horseman 910 Good or?

    I just bought a Horseman 910 with 6x7 roll back, 105 and 180 professional Horsem an lenses for $1100. Good deal, bad,- comments please. I moved up from my TLR Ro llie. Strictly landscapes. What is the best and cheapest loupe? Power? Should I remove the collapsible focussing hood? Help!

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    Horseman 910 Good or?

    I don't know anything about the 910. Try the old Horseman threads on this bulletin board. There's a lot of information on various Horseman models. It sounds like you can't go wrong, especially if you're only shooting black and white. If you're shooting color, the lenses may not be multicoated so you may want to upgrade that part of the package.

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    Horseman 910 Good or?

    I had my hands on one once at a local dealers and it looked to be a very nicely made, sturdy camera. I do not recall the movements it had but I suggest you confirm it has tilt and rise (pretty sure it did have rise). You will want those for landscapes.

    A 65mm is also available, which you might ultimately want.

    Best and cheapest loupe is probably the Toyo 3.7x magnifier.

    Re. the folding focusing hood, try it to see if it's adequate. I do not use the one on my Toyo as I don't find it bright enough. I prefer the BTZS hood. Although it's somewhat warm (I'm in FL), focusing with it is fast and easy so I'm in and out quickly.

    You should also understand that you could get a 4x5 outfit and 1 lens for $1000 (new Tachihara and used 150 or 210). If you really like the 910, you are likely to upgrade in size fairly soon, IMH

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