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Thread: Any good place to dev and print in Singapore

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    Any good place to dev and print in Singapore

    It is hard to be a 4x5 user in Singapore. The film on sale here is nearly non existent. I thought of mail ordering film through the web but the mail system nowadays might be hazardous, either anthrax or death rays !

    Can only find maybe 3 places that can dev and print colour and b+w. Not pleased with the results (discounting my errors) and am still too beginner to do it myself ! Somehow the famous photographers that I know who develop their own prints seem to be bald ! And I (with still a fair head of hair) unscientifically attribute it to the noxious chemicals used, tell me its not true.

    Can anybody recommend a good place to dev and print colour transparencies, reasonably priced or otherwise ? Similarly for B& W. Must be in Singapore of course. If non exists in Singapore, the next nearest country pls....sob, sniffle, choke... Would be mosty grateful.

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    Any good place to dev and print in Singapore


    The only place I know of I would trust is GOPES in Tanglin S.C. HAve you tried them?

    I do my own B&W & C-41 but E-6 would be only a bit more hassle. It is not really that difficult.


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    Any good place to dev and print in Singapore's disappointing to hear that 4x5 is hard to practice in Singapore because I actually bought myself a 4x5 kit prior to returning Singapore.(next year) Yip, may I know which are the ones you have tried and exactly what are the kinds of problems you ran into? (costs?technique?) These will be valuable information for me as I can know which are the ones I should avoid. Where can you by 4x5 films in Singapore and what range do they carry...I am in Japan now and I must say it's really a photographer's nation here. By the way, do you happen to know who sells Schneider lenses in Singapore? Have you tried any of the new digitar series? I actually thought of taking many 4x5 shots here in Japan and get them developed when I go back to Singapore, looks that it isn't a good idea at all. I thought of developing the positives myself but going bald sounds scary(as I am already going bald due to stress from work, not keen to accelerate that process thru processing) Best Regards

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