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Thread: Post your first (LF) shot

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    Re: Post your first (LF) shot

    Good job, I like the light on the tree to the right.

    Posting our "first" photo is a great idea for a thread. Thanks for resurrecting it. I started shooting LF in 2011, when I put in a random low-ball bid on eBay for a Toyo GII monorail and won it kind of unexpectedly. I shot these two images after getting it and buying a bit of film and a 150mm f/5.6 APO Symmar, which I still own and use often. The color image is on Velvia and shot at sunrise in a field of crops in south GA, whilst a big panel van unloaded a ton of farmhands behind me to harvest (I left quickly as to not get the cops called and/or shot). Later that morning I took the b&w image nearby, and had a guy chase me away after pulling up in a riding lawn mower from the nearest house up on a hill overlooking this abandoned building.

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    Re: Post your first (LF) shot

    This is my first LF ever 4X5 handheld 21 years ago, a single RF exposure on a borrowed Crown Graphic, processed by a friend, scanned years later. Most likely Arista aka Kodak

    Father in Dementia and his element, now passed. RIP

    I didn't shoot another LF for 13 years until I joined this forum

    4X5 Dad Costco by TIN CAN COLLEGE, on Flickr

    This is both parents in WWII, obviously I didn't shoot it, but I did find it and scan it

    Mom and dad by TIN CAN COLLEGE, on Flickr
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    Re: Post your first (LF) shot

    Love those shots! I'm aching to shoot some 4x5 Velvia, but I feel like I've still got a fair bit to go before I'm comfortable enough with the gear to get that right.

    And I often see wonderful potential shots that I pass up because it's on private property. Maybe I'm just too timid and need to just give it a try. What's the worst that could happen, right? Y'know, other than being shot or arrested....

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    Re: Post your first (LF) shot

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Hi everyone,
    New here and this is my first image I took with a Speed Graphics. I decided to go and try slide film and Cinestill 3 bath system

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    Re: Post your first (LF) shot

    North Lake reflection, Eastern Sierra, Intrepid 4x5 camera, Caltar 150mm lens, Delta 100, f/32, 1/30s.

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