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Thread: Ground Glass Orientation

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    Ground Glass Orientation

    Ok, I've seen some cameras where the ground side of the GG was towards the viewer. And some where the ground side was toward the lens. If they are each done in the correct plane, which is the correct way. Or does it matter?

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    Re: Ground Glass Orientation

    Every camera I have owned had the diffuse side toward the lens. But that is not to say a camera cannot be built the other way and still focus correctly with the appropriate construction dimensions.

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    Re: Ground Glass Orientation

    The GG towards the viewer was used with "Autochrome", color plates made by Lumiere at the beginning of the last century. Also with similar color plates like the first "Agfacolor". Because this plates where exposed through the glass-carrier.

    With "normal" films and plates the ground side is toward the lens.

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    Re: Ground Glass Orientation

    Thank you so much. Peter, what you spoke of is what has caused my confusion; as the originals I have are roughly 1890's 1900's.


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