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Thread: e.degen paris?

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    e.degen paris?

    Anybody knows this manyfacturer? Should be at the same time hermagis got into business, never heard of this brand. I spotted a big lens, wondering what this brand means...



    (i know, I should buy the vademecum

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    Re: e.degen paris?

    Google is your friend.

    There's no mention of Degen in the VM's ddd section. As Ole Tjugen and I never tire of saying, the VM is incomplete.

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    Re: e.degen paris?

    just an image of an "Degen" petzval lens...

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    Re: e.degen paris?

    Just checking what LFPF had on Edouard DEGEN!

    VOlume no.12 of the Pont/Princelle series on French photography contributors 1838/1939 (from Chevallier to Demaria) includes 3+ pages on DEGEN. There appears to have a very short period from 1865 with typical French Petzvals - both with simple structure and with split barrels for additional landscape use - when Edouard Senior was in charge. Edouard Junior "Ingenieur" moved the emphasis into aplanats, patent shutters, tele design and casket sets - but always a minor maker/seller. They produced a version of the de Puyo et Puligny Anachromatique, after Darlot had been taken over by Hermagis.

    I suspect that the early Petzvals are bought-in and rebadged "other" makes. The one I have just acquired looks exactly like a Francais (or rather Auzoux et Francais) reversible Petzval. I will do a close check of the concealed lens edges when it arrives!

    The same applies to the later designs, although I think that Degen was having them made to his own designs.
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    Re: e.degen paris?

    There are always surprises!

    It has a construction which differs from the other "double ended flanges". There is most similarity with the simple Jamin/Darlot system with a barrel which allows a section to be removed so that vignetting in the landscape set-up is avoided. The unique thing about the brass is that the hood can unscrew out of the brass sleeve. It is possible that the Hermagis version does as well, but I have not had the courage to force the one I have. All tangential drive parts are stamped "1" which I associate especialy with Darlot.
    There are no longer any readible clues on the edges of the lenses - this lens has been well looked after!
    For people seeking info on the early Degen lenses with serial numbers, this is #381 ( the Degen entry in the Pont et Princelle booklet gives the known range from #844 to 4519). It is the French standard size for 1/4 plate, lens diameter 44mm and efl around 15cm.

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