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Thread: Berlebach Tripod, Which model for 4X5?

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    Berlebach Tripod, Which model for 4X5?

    I am looking at possibly moving to a wooden tripod and along with Ries am consid ering Berlebach. Does anyone have first hand experience with current Berlebach t ripods? I will be using it with the six pound Wisner 4X5 Traditional. I have loo ked at the Berlebach web site and there are many models to select from. Any part icular model that works well with my camera? I will be hiking and backpacking so I would like to keep it as light as possible but rigid as well.


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    Berlebach Tripod, Which model for 4X5?

    I use one with my 8x10 - and I do backpack. Very nice, stable tripod - I believe it is made of ash. You would probably want one of their lighter models though, if it is for a 4x5 - maybe the Kadette or therebaouts. Cheers, DJ.

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