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Thread: bought my self a birthday present...

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    bought my self a birthday present...

    ..and surprisingly it arrived today (05/18) which actually happens to be my birthday..

    and it came all the wat from South Korea.. good timing.

    It is an Ilex Paragon Portrait 14.75" with diffusing ring (as on the universal Heliar).

    BIG and HEAVY, and here is my problem.. there is unfortunately no retaining ring coming with this lens, and the back is kind of curved with very little room for fitting the lens on a board without a retaining ring...

    It can just fit on my Gandolfi front plate, but I need to figure out how to make the lens fit this plate..

    otherwise, all is good, as they say..

    Any have any experience with this lens? Any good, or just big...?

    see attachment.

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    Re: bought my self a birthday present...

    What I have done, is drill a hole "tight" to fit the rear threads of the lens, and just "screw" it into the lens board (wood lens board). The threads on the back of the lens will "bite" into the wood. If you get the hole a little to big, you can line it with felt or something to give the lens something to "bite" into. You may need to start with a hole just slightly too small, and then enlarge it by small amounts until you get the tight fit you need.

    Now Ole will probably chime in here with: "Oh I just use my extra-large Jumbo magnum size Iris Lens Mount which can mount any lens from 4 inches to 24 inches in diameter." But I am assuming you don't have one of those.

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    Re: bought my self a birthday present...

    I agree with Gene McCluney wood lens board and drill under size and screw the lens into the Lens board and you should not have any worrie of it coming loose ! Guess we both share the same Day : [LOL]
    Lauren MacIntosh

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    Re: bought my self a birthday present...

    Happy Birthday to both of you!

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    Re: bought my self a birthday present...

    Emil & Lauren happy birthday too both of you! Emil, nice lens! I have several Ilex lenses but they are all process lenses and work great. I have done what the others suggest with the lens board and I have also managed to put in some very small brads or thin wires the thickness of the threads and screwed the lens into the board. The wires give it a little more "bite" for my liking. Be sure to post some images with that baby.


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    Re: bought my self a birthday present...

    These Illex lens are nice lens with the diffuser system. I had one, but it was the 10.5 inch size and it was call their "Portrait" lens. I found the diffuser worked just like the one found on some of the Wollensak lens. Jon

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    Re: bought my self a birthday present...

    Hey, it's my wife's birthday today, too! Small world...

    Happy birthday to you both...and enjoy the lens!

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    Re: bought my self a birthday present...

    I don't know anything about this lens, but it looks promising! I hope you'll post images from it soon!

    And happy birthday!
    "I love my Verito lens, but I always have to sharpen everything in Photoshop..."

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    Re: bought my self a birthday present...

    Happy Birthday Emil and Lauren.
    Hmm that lens will never fit that shutter
    How about having a steel lensplate with a tread made for it? Have it made so you can screw it on to one of the wooden plates you have.
    Best regards
    Søren Nielsen

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    Re: bought my self a birthday present...

    Happy birthday to all those birthday kids And Emil, that's a really nice present you got there!

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