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Thread: Chromogenic prints and mounting

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    Wink Chromogenic prints and mounting

    I recently attended Art Chicago and many of the photographers listed their work as Chromogenic prints. I do not know what this process is. In addition many of the prints were mounted on board with a flat plexiglass overlay and no frame. If you are familiar with this print and mounting process can you enlighten me?

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    Re: Chromogenic prints and mounting

    Chromogenic is just a fancy way of saying C-Type, ie a colour print onto real photographic paper using RA-4 process.

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    Re: Chromogenic prints and mounting

    They were probably face mounted- a great way to make what might have been a fine print look like a formica tabletop. Use diasec as a search word here and you'll get plenty of info.

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    Re: Chromogenic prints and mounting

    Will Wilson

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    Re: Chromogenic prints and mounting

    Just realize that's a temporary mounting option and nothing you want to try in a damp
    or humid climate since it doesn't allow sufficient air space between print and plexiglas
    (long term mildew risk- mildew loves gelatin). It also works very poorly with large prints
    because plexi tend to bow outward, and your print will wrinkle behind it. Might be OK
    for an inexpensive short term gallery presentation however.

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