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Thread: Wide angle for 2x3 Crown Graphic

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    Wide angle for 2x3 Crown Graphic

    By some fortunate circumstances I'm going to have the opportunity to be in the Arizona this summer (August). Thought I'd take the chance to head up to see the Grand Canyon. My 2x3 Crown Graphic came with the standard 105mm lens. I thought this occasion might warrant getting a wide angle for it; or at the least it provides an excuse to get one.

    Recommendations? I see a 65mm F7 Topcor in bargain condition for around $180 over at KEH and a 65mm F8 Super angulon for just a little more at $205. I'd prefer to spend a bit less than either, but I guess it all depends on what I find. Is the Topcor a decent lens? Would the Super angulon fit a 2x3? Any other lens recommendation?

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    Re: Wide angle for 2x3 Crown Graphic

    65 mm lenses that cover 2x3 and make infinity on a 2x3 Crown?

    Standard issue was the 65/6.8 Raptar/Optar, standard alternative 65/6.8 Angulon. Neither covers much more than 2x3, but little Graphics don't have much in the way of movements so that shouldn't be a problem. I've had the Raptar, never got a sharp shot with it, don't recommend it. But others (visit have given the lens good reports.

    Modern alternatives include 65/5.6 SA, 65/8 SA, and 65/8 Ilex (very like a Super Angulon but designed and made in Rochester). I have the Ilex, like it very much.

    If I were spending my money, I'd look for a Super Angulon. The Ilex may be marginally better than an f/8 SA, but they're harder to find.

    FYI, the shortest lens that will make infinity on a 2x3 Crown is the 35/4.5 Apo Grandagon. I don't have one. Do have 38/4.5 Biogon (doesn't cover 2x3), 47/5.6 SA, 58/5.6 Grandagon, the Ilex, 80/6.3 WF Ektar. The 58's rear cell won't clear the lens throat, has to be detached from the shutter and reattached from behind after the board is on the camera. I believe, could be mistaken, that this is also true of the 35 Apo Grandy.

    I'm not sure that a w/a will make good sense at the Grand Canyon. W/a lenses expand the foreground, shrink the background. But if that's what you want ...

    Good luck, have fun,


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    Re: Wide angle for 2x3 Crown Graphic

    Thank you for the input. I was thinking I might be just fine with the standard lens; but I kind of want the WA for other things as well. Sounds like the 65mm f8 SA might be the way to go.

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    Re: Wide angle for 2x3 Crown Graphic

    Dan's right about an extreme wide angle lens expanding the foreground. It makes even moderately distant objects look very far away and tiny. A very good and inexpensive lens that's a little wider would be the 101mm Ektar. You could go with a 90mm lens and still get the distant objects a reasonable size with an Angulon or Optar. Inexpensive, too.
    You must use a tripod to get good results. The 90mm Super Angulon is a better lens but I don't know if the large protruding rear group will cause problems on that small camera. Be aware that most of the wider angle lenses can be difficult to focus at times. Some front rise will help eliminate unwanted foreground. Have fun!

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    Re: Wide angle for 2x3 Crown Graphic

    Don't forget that an even better way to shoot W.A. vistas (expecially if you're printing digitally) is to use the standard lens and shoot multiple overlaping negatives, then combine (merge) them into a single final print. Or, if you're printing on silver, make a triptic or sextic with black frames seperating the images.
    Have fun, and take lots of water bottles.
    Wilhelm (Sarasota)

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