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Thread: Which loupe?

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    Which loupe?


    one question.
    Which loupe do you recommend for focusing on 4x5?

    I really like the Rodenstock 6x asph. and the Schneider 6x asph.
    Which one do you prefer, and why?

    Many thanks in advance.

    Best regards

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    Re: Which loupe?

    I use the 3,6x Toyo lupe. I like it because it does not have glasses on its side so no ambient light is entering. I have no problem with fine focussing, but sometimes (in low light/contrast conditions) I have wanted more enlargement in my loupe.

    Edit: I just got the binocular focussing hood to my Toyo from Joe Bossuyt – a GIANT 1,5x loupe
    Best regards,
    Eirik Berger

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    Re: Which loupe?

    6X is slightly too strong. Shows up the grain in the ground glass and/or the rings of a Fresnel.

    Although, some prefer the Silvestri 6X, because it has an attachment foot that enables it to fit into the corner of the ground glass. I didn't like it because of it's size.

    A 4X loupe is a better choice. After trying out several focusing loupes, I chose the one made by Fuji.

    At one time, new Fuji 4X loupes were available on eBay, priced very reasonably. Perhaps you can find one there.

    Just make certain that the loupe that you choose has an adjustable diopter and blocks out extraneous light.

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    Re: Which loupe?

    +1 for the Toyo loupe. The ground glass side has a rubber bumper which helps to minimize the risk of breaking or scratching the glass. It's also relatively cheap. I've heard good things about the Fuji 4X but I've never seen one - someone told me these were given away to dealers but not sold.

    I also use strong reading glasses to aid in the initial composition and rough focus.

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    Re: Which loupe?

    I prefer the Rodenstock 4x and use it most of the time, but sometimes I also use a 7x Peak loupe.

    Some time ago, I used to have a tiny Schneider 6x which was really nice because it was so small.

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    Re: Which loupe?

    I also have and recommend the Rodenstock 4x aspheric. It has a large exit pupil, making it easier to use, at least for me.

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    Re: Which loupe?

    Schneider 4x loupe is what I use- I would prefer a square base to see into the corners, but mine is circular and somehow I make do. I agree with the post above, 6x is just too strong.

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    Re: Which loupe?

    I have a Peak 6x6cm 4x, A Rodenstock 4x aspheric, a Doktor Optik 7x, A toyo 3x I think, and a horseman 7x. Frankly, all of them work fine. What works best depends a little bit on your focusing screen. Fine-grained and no Fresnel will support a higher power, but all of these work fine on a regular Sinar ground glass, a Toyo factory screen with Fresnel and a Maxwell screen. My favorite by just a little bit is the Peak. Reading glasses are another choice. I used to have a Sinar reflex viewer with a 2x lens, and frankly that was plenty of magnfication, and it is an advantage being able to use both eyes.
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    Re: Which loupe?

    I picked up a used/cheap viewfinder for a Hasselblad that I really like - it square so it fits into the corners and I can see over 2"x2" at once. It is a little large, so I also use a Toyo 3x when I want to go light. I have also used a Fuji which I think is another good choice.

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    Re: Which loupe?

    Quote Originally Posted by Gem Singer View Post
    A 4X loupe is a better choice. After trying out several focusing loupes, I chose the one made by Fuji.

    At one time, new Fuji 4X loupes were available on eBay, priced very reasonably. Perhaps you can find one there.
    Here is one for sale now.

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