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Thread: Plus-X Aerographic Film #2402 B+F

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    Plus-X Aerographic Film #2402 B+F

    For no good reason, I bought a couple rolls of this, figuring I could trim it down for my little 2x3 Graphic. One roll ought to trim down to 300 little sheets. This came to me from India via ebay. Mfg date 2003, expiration date 2006. I was concerned, of course, about how much fog I'd be dealing with. The film is very thin, with the Estar base. You really can forget about notching the corner for film holder loading, since it has a curl that lets you know which side is which. It flattens after processing.

    I developed an unexposed snippet of it in D23 with my usual time for FP4. (Trays, 11M at 68F, constant slow agitation.)

    B+F is 0.33.

    By comparison, a roll of 35mm EDU 200 that I also developed this afternoon measures 0.32.

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    Re: Plus-X Aerographic Film #2402 B+F

    6x7cm 70mm Kodak 2402 Aero Film Perfed 1982 dated by Nokton48, on Flickr

    I like the retro rendition that I get with 2402. This was in D23 1:1 with Broncolor studio lighting. Plaubel Makiflex with Graflex 70mm RH50 film back. Handlheld as I remember

    EDIT: I got a 5" wide roll of 2402 from the Guy in Mumbai, as well. Recent thread is here:


    SONY DSC by Nokton48, on Flickr
    Flikr Photos Here:

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