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Thread: Epson R2880 replacement?

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    Epson R2880 replacement?

    Epson has reduced the cost of their Stylus Photo R2880 Inkjet Printer to $750 and there is a $200 rebate. Total cost about $550. Is Epson going to replace the R2880 with a new model?

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    Re: Epson R2880 replacement?

    Probably, eventually... The professional wide format group is currently beyond the K3/VM pigment set and moving on to "HDR" pigments, so I imagine there will eventually be a replacement for the 2880 as UltraChrome continues to evolve.

    But unless someone here is inside Epson, no one can answer you positively. And be careful, some people here are sensitive to rumors.

    The 2880 has always had rebates attached, I bought mine some time ago and received $150 in rebates. Because the 2880 is not that old I would assume Epson will not replace it very soon. It is not cost effective to ditch a printer early in its life.

    All I hope for is that the next model, whenever it may arrive, will support independent black channels so that we can keep both black pigments online without having to change them out. So that means Epson's next generation "HDR" print head...

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    Re: Epson R2880 replacement?

    The 3800 comes with about $450 in ink. I bought mine for $1000, after rebate.

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