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Thread: the mother of all Pinkhams

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    the mother of all Pinkhams

    or is it the father ?
    anyway, here is a quick shot with a Dallmeyer-Bergheim No.2, i'm sure it is of some interest. the shot is nothing special, i just had to try this monster asap that's the reason for the polaroid as well. many more to follow on 8x10, i'm in love...

    it is very 'pinkhamish', wich is no surprise - as you may know the Dallmeyer-Bergheim is the first soft-focus lens and the one which F.H. Day brought to the US and to Mr. Smith. if you're interested in this kind of lenses i suggest to read this. many thanks to Mr. Russ Young for sharing it with us.


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    Re: the mother of all Pinkhams

    Oh my! I watched and drooled over that Bergheim. It was pretty to boot. Bravo!
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    Re: the mother of all Pinkhams

    Yes, there must be a bit of inspiration involved in having such a lens on your front standard. An excellent image! I'm glad it went to someone who not only appreciates its history, but uses it well. I'll add my "Bravo!" to Jim's!
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