It's just too nice a looking lens to use as a paperweight. After getting involved in the other thread on a longer Heligon, I mounted mine in a board for the Speed Graphic (using the hi-tech method of silicone sealant under the beautiful brass ring) to get some better measurements. With the front standard pushed all the way in, subject distance is about 11 inches in front of the lens and coverage is about 6x6cm. The edges beyond this rapidly and radially stream off into oblivion. Full 4x5 coverage starts when the front standard is at the front of the retracted rail but the edges are still just a little radially smeared. Subject distance is now 5 inches. The interesting thing is that from this point to full rail extension, another 6 inches, the subject distance from the front of the lens only decreases to 4 3/4 inch while the enlargement factor goes from about 2x to 4.5x with everything in the focal plane being in focus for the full 5 inch width of the film. On the up side, an f/1.1 lens still gives you a bright image at 4.5x. On the downside, an f/1.1 lens gives you a DOF at 4.5x of little more than paper thickness. If you are copying a flat subject, it just might be your ticket. If you like the point focus rest out of focus like the linked flower pictures in the other thread, it just might be your ticket, too. If you just like to play around with a quality lens that doesn't usually cost more than $5, go for it. I'll try to take some pics with it in the next week and post them.