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Thread: Bellow building

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    Bellow building

    Hi, I'm doing now the tricky job of building an asymmetric, tapered bellow.
    I'm wondering right now if anyone of you has experience in building bellows.

    I would love to have some answers to my material questions:

    - do you use leather-cardboard-cotton or cotton-cardboard-cotton?
    - I found a cotton/polyester mix in black, very thin, not vulcanized, but appearently totally lighttight. Any opinions on that?
    - is an outer layer in leather highly recommended?
    - glues: leather-carboard? Sparyglue? Vynil glue? Bookbinder glue? Any ideas?
    cartboard-cotton? Same questions...

    Thank's for any comment on that!
    It was big fun to derive the mathematical and geometrical issues of the bellow....


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    Re: Bellow building

    Hi Torsten,
    I built a tapered 8x10 bellows out of window blackout fabric( it's what they use use to line curtains in hotels). The glue I used was called fabri-tac and I got it at the same place I bought the fabric. For the ribs I used old manilla folders cut on a rotary trimmer and it was lined with some black cotton fabric. Before you start building, try a mock up of a few pleats and let it dry- this way you will see if the glue stiffens up when dry and how folding the bellows will be when completed. I always build two bellows at a time- then if I screw one up I don't have to start from the beginning again! The only thing I didn't like about bellows making was the gluing of the ribs- it's like watching paint dry-boring.

    good luck and have fun

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