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Thread: Large Format Landscapes

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    Re: Large Format Landscapes

    Quote Originally Posted by Steven Ruttenberg View Post
    Very peaceful. I can smell the air and feel how crisp it is.
    Quote Originally Posted by Ulophot View Post
    Roberto, this is a very inviting image, enjoyable to engage with.
    Thank you guys.
    It's an amazing place, a clean field of grass and narcissus on the top of a slope. The field is hidden until you get to the very top of a steep track and then you have this wide view, I would say it's a magic place, you can feel the energy of the place.
    Pressing the shutter is the only easy thing

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    Re: Large Format Landscapes

    Quote Originally Posted by Beano_z View Post
    This shat was a tough one, it wasn't the location or the composition, instead it was waiting for the right conditions that was the most time consuming. Each morning I would park at the designated area near the park entrance than walk up to this spot and wait for the light, only on the fourth morning did everything come together for this shot.

    This was a 5 second exposure on Fomapan 100 8x10 film with a 2-stop soft grad to hold down the sky. Camera used was the Chamonix Alpinist X with a 240mm lens.

    The film was home developed in Rodinal 1+50 dilution and scanned on a flatbed.

    "Emperor Peak" | Wuyishan Trips 0009 - 10-Feb-2021 to 24-Feb-2021 by BB, on Flickr
    This has the subtlety and beauty of a Chinese watercolour - remarkable!

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    Re: Large Format Landscapes

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Spano 2021.jpg 
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    Tech.Linhof 90mm Foma 100

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    Re: Large Format Landscapes

    Linhof Technikardan S45, Nikkor-M 9/300, Provia 100F

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    Re: Large Format Landscapes

    Quote Originally Posted by Ulophot View Post
    Yes, Steve. It's a pleasure to see the canyon in weather other than sunny. Good timing here.
    There's no such thing as bad weather for photography! Very nice.
    Where are we going?
    And why are we in this handbasket?

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    Re: Large Format Landscapes

    Franklin Conservatory Palm Room 4x5 Sinar Norma by Nokton48, on Flickr

    1989 testing 1977 Tri-X 4x5 Film Pack D76 1:1 4x5 Sinar Norma 90mm f8 Schneider Sinar Super Angulon barrel with Auto-Iris mickey mouse ears. 8x10 Aristo RC #2 Multigrade Omega Dii laser aligned 180 Rodagon Omegalite diffusion head
    Flikr Photos Here:

    “The secret of getting ahead is getting started.”
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    Re: Large Format Landscapes

    2021-04-17 FOMA 200 in DDX 1+4 6 min Buky001-012 web 1388x1104 by Yuriy Sanin, on Flickr
    Buky, Ukraine. 2021-04-17

    Nagaoka 4x5, Congo 400\8@22.5

    Fomapan 200 in Ilford DD-X 1+4, 6 min

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    Re: Large Format Landscapes

    Love this orgraph! Seems in motion.
    I own the gear, but those don't make masterpieces. My everyday experience.

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    Re: Large Format Landscapes

    Quote Originally Posted by fotopfw View Post
    Love this orgraph! Seems in motion.

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    Re: Large Format Landscapes

    Long afternoons by Paul Fitz, on Flickr

    Darkroom contact print on ilford rc grade 2, split toned
    24 x 30 xray negative.
    250 fuji lens f16
    24 x30 cm plate camera

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