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Thread: A kind thank you for a great year...

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    A kind thank you for a great year...

    Dear Group,

    I would like to take a moment to say thank you to everyone, past and present, that I met and, or had the pleasure of speaking with during 2008, where I made new friends, reacquainted myself with older ones, and where I remember a few precious ones. That said, I hope your holiday season is festive, refreshing, and safe.

    I expect to see more of your images going forward in the New Year...

    Again, I thank you.

    jim k

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    Re: A kind thank you for a great year...

    Same back at you, Jim.

    (I get a lot of good comments on your prints. )
    Greg Lockrey

    Wealth is a state of mind.
    Money is just a tool.
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    Re: A kind thank you for a great year...

    I wish to extend my best wishes to all who I encountered here this past year certainly to you Greg and Jim as well.

    Donald Miller

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