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Thread: Definition of inversion

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    Definition of inversion

    Does 1 inversion mean twisting tank up-down or up-down-up?

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    Re: Definition of inversion

    Yes in a Torus motion for one complete cycle.

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    Re: Definition of inversion

    Turn it upside down, hold it until it "glugs", then turn it right way up again. Getting the developer on the film thoroughly replaced is more important than how you do it. The "glugs" are a good indication that you've got it mixed wll enough - as long as your tank has a center column.

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    Re: Definition of inversion

    Pretend you are holding the steering wheel of your car , top hand at the 12 and bottom hand at the 6 , now turn the tank , you will notice that not only does it invert but a twist is done as well, then bang the bottom to get rid of airbells.

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    Re: Definition of inversion

    It doesn't matter, as long as you are consistant in repeating the same motion every time.
    Wilhelm (Sarasota)

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    Re: Definition of inversion

    Thanks all. I enjoy this forum, make me grow up.

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