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Thread: Just wanted to say thanks

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    Just wanted to say thanks

    Thanks to all of you for helping me out with info on goerz barrel or shutter. Special thanks to Steve. I have some more lenses that I have no idea about. My Dad has moved heavy printing equipment for years and these are lenses I found. The lenses are Nikon Apo Nikkor 760mm 610mm 480mm 360mm on the 490mm there is Alan Anamorphic attached, Wollensak enlarging raptar 7 1/4" f4.5 Wolensak raptar 13" f10 Carl Zeiss Jena Apo Tessar l:9 f=45cmt(red T) Rodenstock Apo Gerogon l:9 f=300mm l:9 f=210mm l:9 f=150mm/Ednalite USA 506 Ser564/Eskofot-Ultragon l:9/305mm l:9 210mm l:9150mm/Staeble Magnogon R:5,6 105mm/Graphic Kowa l:9 150 l:9 210/Konica Hexanon GRII 260mm F:9 150mmF:9/Repromaster l:8 135mm l:8 210mm(Made in West Germany)/APO-Nikkor l:9f=240mm Nippon Kogaku Japan No.2680/Ilex Paragon 15"F:9.0 10 1/2" F:8.0 21 1/4"F:10 6 1/2"F:4.5 . Any information on maket value would be greatly appreciated. You guys are the best. Thanks, Kathi

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    Re: Just wanted to say thanks

    Did you check on eBay?
    Login and search for"completed" That will give you an idea.

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    Re: Just wanted to say thanks

    Sure, just check ebay for a "Staeble Magnogon R:5,6 105mm". Good luck. K

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