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Thread: Strange 355mm/f9 G-Claron

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    Strange 355mm/f9 G-Claron

    Perhaps one of the lens guru's can shed some light on this. I recently acquired a couple of barrel type G-Claron lenses. A very nice, but ordinary 210mm and a rather older and more interesting 355mm lens. This is clearly marked G-Claron on the outer part of the front cell, with serial # 10737773. It is mounted in a chromed brass barrel, also marked 355, with aperture scale from F9 to f90. When I unscrewed the cells to inspect them, I was surprised to find that both front and rear threads were 55.7 mm. From previous threads, I undertood that the earlier, 355 G-clarons had threads of 67mm in diameter. Any ideas, is this the famous missing "Dagor" style, 355?
    Colin Myers

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    Re: Strange 355mm/f9 G-Claron

    It's really quite simple: Your G-Claron 355mm fits a Compound #3, not a Copal.

    Mine is just the same.

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    Re: Strange 355mm/f9 G-Claron

    Ole is right; however, where did you see the 67mm quote? The thread size for the newer cells fitting directly into a Copal 3 should be 58mm. I first thought you quoted the filter thread, but that is 77mm for the 355 according to Schneider.

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    Re: Strange 355mm/f9 G-Claron

    Colin, Count the reflections with the iris closed or unscrew the cells and put something dark behind them. Two strong and two weak reflections in both front and rear is a Dagor design.

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    Re: Strange 355mm/f9 G-Claron

    Thank you all for your input, The figure of 67mm came from a May 18th 2008 thread, entitled, G-Claron 355mm, Dagor Type

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    Re: Strange 355mm/f9 G-Claron

    Colin, 67mm was the filter thread diameter of the early 355 vs 77mm for the later 355. Apparently, no one has yet come up with an early one that is not a plasmat.

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