View Poll Results: Which Lens range you use for Landscape on 5x4

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  • Wider than 90

    15 29.41%
  • Longer than 90 and up to 135

    28 54.90%
  • Longer than 135 and up to 180

    30 58.82%
  • Longer than 180 and up to 300

    25 49.02%
  • Longer than 300

    11 21.57%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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Thread: Landscape Lens

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    Landscape Lens

    Poll on which Lens you use for landscape on a 5x4

    1) Wider than 90
    2) Longer than 90 and up to 135
    3) Longer than 135 and up to 180
    4) Longer than 180 and up to 300
    5) Longer than 300

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    the Docter is in Arne Croell's Avatar
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    Re: Landscape Lens

    All of the above...

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    Re: Landscape Lens

    1 through 4 (would be all of the above except that I've never owned own a lens longer than 300mm for 4x5).
    Brian Ellis
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    Re: Landscape Lens

    All the above and MORE.

    58, 65, 75, 90, 125, 150, 210, 300 and 500 mm, as well as a 120 mm micro.
    When I grow up, I want to be a photographer.

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    Preston Birdwell
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    Re: Landscape Lens

    I'd really like a 450 or a 500T when I can afford to buy a camera that has enough bellows extension to use one.
    Preston-Columbia CA

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    Eric Woodbury
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    Re: Landscape Lens

    For 4x5, 58mm and up to 300mm. One more if I had the bellows. 5 total.

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    Re: Landscape Lens

    Like many others, I use all of the above, depending on the objective for the individual image.

    A more telling question would be which focal lengths are used most often.

    For me, that would be 110mm (~40%) and 240mm (~30%) on 4x5.

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    All metric sizes to 24x30 Ole Tjugen's Avatar
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    Re: Landscape Lens

    47mm to 550mm here...

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    Re: Landscape Lens

    While I would normally use my 160mm Turner-Reich triple convertible at 160mm, I occasionally could be seen with lenses anywhere from 65mm to 375mm on the front of the Cambo for different shots.

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    Re: Landscape Lens

    As far as this newbie is concerned, I agree with Ralph Barker which lens to use:
    Lauren MacIntosh

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