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Thread: Boston Area Prof. Photography School (NESOP?)

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    Boston Area Prof. Photography School (NESOP?)

    Hello All, I have been pondering increasing my knowledge and getting a more sol id backround in photography. I live in the Boston area and have been looking at NESOP ( as a point of obtaining this knowledge. They have a nice 2 year program. The luxary of going to school full-time is not an option. Any comments on NESOP or other similar programs would be great, advantages and disa dvantages. I realize this post may not belong in this forum but LF is my prefer ed format.

    Thanks for the help, James

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    Boston Area Prof. Photography School (NESOP?)

    NESOP is good and they have alot of classes at night that you can take. The Art Institute is another option but I don't know about their night schedule.

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    Boston Area Prof. Photography School (NESOP?)

    Hi James,

    Glad for your post! I'm an assistant teacher at NESOP's evening workshop program, teaching zone-system based practices. Here's my version of the "scoop":

    The full-time day program is geared toward the aspiring commercial photographer. The student body tends to be (but is not limited to, college-age students). It provides a sound foundation for the professional-to-be.

    The evening workshop programs are geared more toward the photographic artist (but also commercial, if you want). They offer B&W, Color, studio, digital, etc., with extensive use of the facilities available.

    The B&W program is lead by patient and inspired instructors Nick Johnson and Jim Triquet. Its absolutely fabulous! There is a fun and supportive community of artists who attend term-after-term to use the facilities, hone skills and enjoy the "cameraderie". The focus of the program is mastery of photographic craft. "Art" per se is not taught at the workshop--this is left to the inspiration of the student. Although, the instructors will assist students in realizing their creative vision through...Craftsmanship (negative making, negative making, negative making, and printing) is the emphasis, with the philosophy that mastery makes you free, artistically.

    Feel free to email me. If you'd like, I can put you in touch with an instructor, or we could just meet to talk "shop". I could also arrange for you to stop by and visit one of the classes.

    Good luck!


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    Boston Area Prof. Photography School (NESOP?)

    Hi James,

    I am beginning a similar search as yourself for photography schools/classes and wanted to share with you the New York Institute of Photography. I only just found them on line so I don't know that much about them yet but what I can tell you is that if you need flexibility in your schedule and can not do full time program you should check them out. They provide a home study program so you don't have to live in New York. You can learn more about them at

    Good luck in your search, Genevieve

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