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Thread: Ansel Adams Digital Scanning?

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    Re: Ansel Adams Digital Scanning?

    Quote Originally Posted by sanking View Post
    There are many abandoned towns throughout Spain,

    Yes, there are many villages in mountain areas are more or less abandoned, mostly in mountaing areas. 50 years ago sheepherding became not worth in front of intensive breeding, and people in remote areas moved to cities. A lot of interesting sites to photograph.

    Two weeks ago I requested a permit to use tripod/Norma inside Sagrada Familia, it was denied to me, as it can be an obstruction for visitors. But later I was told that Press department had holidays and I can try again to obtain it when they return, 28 this month. We'll see... I'll have to start explaining what is a Sinar Norma is

    Anyway I don't know if it is a good idea, because instead shooting a photograph I will be photographed by visitors with mobiles !!!

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    Re: Ansel Adams Digital Scanning?

    Quote Originally Posted by bob carnie View Post
    Yes but that is the days before you discovered deodorant. Once you saw the Irish Springs Commercials you got it.
    Rodinal is a very good deodorant, also I spray it behind ears before going to a Pub

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