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Thread: Same lens in different shutters ?

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    Same lens in different shutters ?

    While looking at the data of the older Schneider lenses, I noticed that the lenses are presented with different shutters for the same lens. For example, a Symmar-S 5.6/150mm can be found with a Compur 0 or Compur 1, Prontor 0 or Copal 0. Was this typical at that time and did other manufacturers offer the lenses in different shutters, or is this something only Schneider did ( since they are the only ones that have all this data about the older lenses ) ? Just curious about what is factory made and what is adapted by the users out there.

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    Re: Same lens in different shutters ?

    This was fairly typical for the time when Prontor and Compur shutters were still made, as the shutter features (e.g. the Prontor was self-cocking, the Compur had click stops for the aperture) and prices were different. It was not only Schneider, Rodenstock lenses also came in different shutters. Nikon and Fuji lenses only came in Copal shutters (exception: some older Fuji lenses used Seiko shutters)

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