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Thread: Eversmart vs drum scanners & Aztek plateau

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    Re: Eversmart vs drum scanners & Aztek plateau

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    We are in the business of archiving old photographic projects , bringing them back to life out of storage containers, and actually showing them as silver gelatin, and PT pd prints on gallery walls.
    The Phase One system allows us to scan at high resolution in seconds , rather 10 minutes each - this allows us to offer artists , galleries the ability to bring old film back to life.
    I'm curious about the Phase system. I'd never buy one because of the cost but I can see the advantage for flat pieces, reflective targets. I'm a little skeptical of it for modern films, typically sheet films. I'm sure their lenses are very good and better than what I was using but I had a lot of problems with distortion and flaring when scanning 4x5+ sheet film targets. Even though my ESII takes a bit longer it actually is faster because the file needs way less work, and I can multitask while scanning.

    Plus, when you're being practical about PPI, you only really need to scan 4x5 at about 3200, and 8x10 at 2000 or so. Those sizes more than satisfy the needs of 44" printers. At those sizes the Eversmart Supreme II is very fast.

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    Re: Eversmart vs drum scanners & Aztek plateau

    I sold a phase one back and use the Eversmart Supreme now mostly because I wasn't terribly happy with the software and pixelation I was getting. The flatbed (fluid mount) gives me a much cleaner and more lifelike image. The Phase One was fun for about 6 months until I started printing some of the images. That said, I like doing B/W landscape and regularly shoot 4x5 and 8x10 as well as 6x17 formats. I can see using the back for studio work.

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