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Thread: Howtek 4500-Questions-Software, Comparisons, Etc.

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    Re: Howtek 4500-Questions-Software, Comparisons, Etc.

    Hi all, Ive been using Gamsol fluid to avoid crazing to the drum and unfortunately I used it with test tape instead of kami tape, just found out yesterday that tesa tape is more suited for dry mounting. Alas the tesa tape is leaving alot of sticky residue behind, I was using novus 1 with a pec pad and then with a poly soft wipe which helped but there is still abit of smudging on the drum. Can anyone recommend a drum compatible solution to cleanup the last remaining tape residue? Evan from Aztek advises Kami drum cleaning fluid will be suitable however its very difficult to import via air into Australia due to its flammability and shipping via sea means a large volume to order to make it worthwhile. Suffice to say ive ordered Aztek wipes and Kami tape now. Any advise would be greatly appreciated. Regards Dean

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    Re: Howtek 4500-Questions-Software, Comparisons, Etc.

    Hi, has anyone used Naphtha on their drums with good results eg no crazing?

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    Re: Howtek 4500-Questions-Software, Comparisons, Etc.

    Quote Originally Posted by Findingmyway4ever View Post
    Hi all.

    I have some questions about the Howtek 4500 scanner that I hope can be answered here.

    1) I have read opinions on the software people are using with the scanner. Some say Silverfast is good, but it does not allow for the better level of adjustments that Trident offers. I have also read comments that Silverfast has trouble scanning negative emulsions and that Trident does a better job. Are these false issues and sanner operator related, or is Trident a better software to use for certain situations and Silverfast better for other situations? Any and all info on the software options available and what to expect from them is greatly appreciated.

    2) If using an old Mac-station with the Trident software, how can one scan at 4000dpi with sheet film, or even 120 film if the Mac station does not have the amount of ram that these large files use? Perhaps a different question would be if there is a way to get large files using a system that does not have much ram. An example would be achieving a 4-7gb file from the scan. I know little about the way computers work and handle ram, but logic tells me one needs 4-7gb's of ram to handle this file size. I prefer to work with my regular PC that is loaded with a 64bit OS, quad core cpu, 8GB of ram, and 1TB of HD space, but I am obviously willing to setup an older Mac Station or have a dual boot OS on my PC to run both Trident and Silverfast (see question #1 that relates a good deal to this question #2).

    3) With regards to comparisons-At what size print will one be able to see the difference in a proper scan from the Howtek 4500 with 35mm and 120 film compared to the Nikon 9000 or the Imacons?
    With sheet film, at what print size will one be able to see a difference between the Howtek 4500 and a flatbed scanner from Epson/Microtek/etc.?
    Thank You to all that can help with these questions.
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    How do I replace a lamp for the "Original Style" 2500 Transparency Arm?
    Remove the Trans Arm from the scanner.
    On the large end of the Transparency Arm, remove the 4 screws (2 large and 2 small) that hold on the plastic end cover.
    Unplug the Black (outside) and White (inside) wires.
    With a .05" Allen key, loosen the setscrew holding the Fiber Optic cable in place and unplug it. Be careful when removing the large end of the fiber optic cable, some Trans-arms have a small round filter at the end of the cable. Do not lose the filter.
    Remove the 2 Phillips head screws from the far end of the Trans Arm.
    Partially slide the lamp holder out the small end of the arm, only slide it out far enough to remove the bulb.
    Caution: Do Not Slide The Lamp Holder all the way out.
    Replace the bulb.
    Slide the Lamp Holder back into the Trans Arm.
    You may need to guide the ends of the wires down the Trans Arm; they tend to catch on the inside of the housing.
    Plug the cables in and tighten the setscrew on the Fiber Optics cable.
    First, replace the filter if your trans arm has one.
    Replace all 6 screws.

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