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Thread: field camera movements (Ebony)

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    field camera movements (Ebony)

    I shoot still life in the field. There isn't any field camera that I would like to invest my money in, or work with other then an Ebony. Yes, and it will be qui te a bit. I drool over the 45SU, because its everything I wish for in a field ca mera, but at $3995.00 its just not do-able. The 45S is the camera in mind. But I have a concern or two. Yes, the bellows only extends to 11" or so. My lens is a 150mm. This bellows extention will allow me just about 1:1 if I wanted it. I would have the lens 11" from subject (?), and bellows extended 11" so I feel th is will be fine. But I'm just not quite a hundred percent that it will be. The o ther reservation is that the front standard tilt is 20 degrees. My present camer a is 30 degrees. So I wonder if the difference is that big of a deal, or can I c ontend with it. I can compensate if need be by tilting the entire camera which w ould mean less of a front standard tilt. Any comments, opinions would be appreci ated. Thank you. Ravin

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    field camera movements (Ebony)

    Ravin, Have you checked out the specification of the Ebony RW45. I have had a quick look and it seems to be the answer to your needs! Takes lenses from 65mm to 500mm (telephoto), has 410mm of bellows draw (with movements) and has 30 degree centre tilt. It is made from mahogany and titanium and is stable at full extension. Just a thought, and it is one of the cheaper entry points into Ebony cameras. Regards Paul

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    field camera movements (Ebony)

    Yes, thank you, but this camera has no shift. Something I do need. Otherwise it would be the answer. Thanks again.

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    field camera movements (Ebony)

    I'm not sure what the point of this post is.You seem to have set your heart on something you can't afford, and then settled for something else that's far from an ideal choice for your intended purpose.Are you asking for alternative suggestions? If so, I'd say go for a monorail, any old monorail. They can be had relatively cheaply, and it would be the only sensible choice for still-life work, either outside, or in the studio. Transport shouldn't be a problem, since the amount of props needed for a still-life will easily exceed the weight and size of the camera.If your lust for an Ebony is based purely on its looks, then you'll be too worried about scratching the darn thing to actually use it.

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    field camera movements (Ebony)

    I have to agree with Pete on this one! You can pick up a cheap Cambo monorail on Ebay or some used shops. Also go to and look at the Cadet... just some thoughts.

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    field camera movements (Ebony)

    Ravin, If you desperately need shift, you can always turn the camera on its side and utilise the front rise / fall feature as shift. I still reckon the RW is a serious contender!! Paul

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    field camera movements (Ebony)

    The suggestions that you buy a monorail to solve your problems are sound as far as they go but unless you get lucky a cheap monorail will wobble around all over the place withouit alot of care...I'm thinking of the cheap Cambos and Sinars specifically here. An Ebony gives you absolute is one of their not often mentioned advantages over the competition. Most other folding camera can't compete and the Ebony non folding cameras such as the 45S, RSW45 and SW45 are absolutely solid. The monorail idea is a good one but beware. I would give the RW45 another look as Paul has all the rigidity of the more expensive cameras and many of the features, without the bulk of a monorail.

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    field camera movements (Ebony)

    I agree with Pete--go for a monorail. You might consider the Toyo CX. It's a bargain new, and, though not your most rugged camera, it is a system camera and can be upgraded. I've got that and a Toyo 45A, which uses the same lensboards, for quite a bit of flexibility.

    Regarding the tilt angle, how often do you go past 20 degrees on your current camera? Most, though not all, view cameras allow much more movement than is ever needed in practice.

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    field camera movements (Ebony)

    If you really want an Ebony, remember: they don't cost any more -- the payments just last a lot longer.

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    field camera movements (Ebony)

    just curious, which "cheap sinar" is considered rickety?

    The F's, which seem like the cheapest to me, aren't very rickety at all.

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