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Thread: A basic question from a 5x4 newbie...

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    A basic question from a 5x4 newbie...

    Excuse my ignorance - but if I decide to opt for loading my film via double dark slides (not Quickload methods) am I restricted to home processing? Many thanks, Richard

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    Re: A basic question from a 5x4 newbie...

    No. Any lab will accept individual sheets that have been taken out of the film holder and delivered to them in light tight packaging.

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    Re: A basic question from a 5x4 newbie...

    Keep your empty packaging and place the film in there. Ask for the box and opaque bag to be returned with your film.

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    Re: A basic question from a 5x4 newbie...

    Many thanks - I couldn't think what type of light-tight box I could send the sheets of film to the processors in - of course the packaging it came in! Cheers.

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    Re: A basic question from a 5x4 newbie...

    Freescale sells black poly bags in various sizes rangeing from 4x5 up to ULF size. They also sell white cardboard mailers starting at 5X7 and also rangeing up to ULF. I load my exposed film from each film holder in seperate bags then place in the film mailer. This lets you reuse the film holders and store the unexposed fill till processing. Cost last time I ordered was $.59 each for a single bag and mailer. Make sure your ask for the bag and mailer back!

    OOPS Its Freestyle Photo not FreeScale!

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    Re: A basic question from a 5x4 newbie...

    Some labs will even take your loaded holders, process the film and return film, proofs and your empty holders. Ask.

    EDIT: probably not a good solution, though, if mail order processing. If that is the situation, seek out an old three-part film box and use that to ship your film.
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