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Thread: Recementing separated lens elements

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    Recementing separated lens elements

    I'm looking for some information on recementing separated lens elements on class ic lenses. I recently came across an old barrel lens that I would like t o play with some, but it has some pretty significant separation and I would like to recement it. About the only info I have been able to find is on Mr Grimes' site. Anybody have any info on the process? Thanks in advance.
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    Recementing separated lens elements

    If you find the right part of Grimes' site he takes you through the whole process step by step. He fixed separation on one of my lenses and I was pleased with the result. I don't know of anyone else doing this.

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    Recementing separated lens elements

    Click: HERE to see what I have on lens cementing. At the bottom of that page is also a link to a reprint of a 1943 Popular Science reprint of a Do It Yourself article on the subject.

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