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Thread: I finally bought a camera

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    I finally bought a camera

    Well, it finally happened. I won an auction on ebay and I am the proud owner of CC400 4X5 monorail camera. I had been the victim of last second bids on two pr evious auctions. Thank you all for the info that led to this decision. When I take my first large format shot I'll scan it in and notify the group where it is at.

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    I finally bought a camera

    Heh heh heh.

    He has been assimilated.

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    I finally bought a camera

    Pods in the basement!!! Pods in the basement!!!

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    I finally bought a camera

    Welcome to LF!!

    Do you by chance live in Nova Scotia? I ask because I am planning a trip in July.


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    I finally bought a camera

    Edward, please heed this notice: "Warning! Operation of LF equipment can cause your face to break out in a permanent s**t-eating grin!"

    Regards and welcome to LF.

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    I finally bought a camera

    ... especially when you start printing your negs. The first time you come out o f the darkroom... try to contain yourself because people will be watching... Welcome to LF!!! and by all means, HAVE FUN! Cheers

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    I finally bought a camera

    I have two words for you (well actually several):

    Polaroid Type 55and a 545i holder.

    Fuji Quickload film and holder.<P. Toyo 3.3x focusing loupe (but my fave loupe is the Pentax 5.5x loupe)

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    I finally bought a camera

    In additon to Ellis's answer, try the polaroid 56p/n. When you take the pic you get a negative and a positive, if you expose it at ASA 25 you get a print you can use for composition and focus check, and a beautiful neg :-)). The only drawback is you need to place the neg in a sodum sulfite solution right away, but beleive me, is worth the hassle. Enjoy!!

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    I finally bought a camera

    What is Polaroid type 56? Something new? It's not listed on Polaroid's web page.

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    I finally bought a camera

    Yes, if I moved any slow mos would be groing on me. I picked up a lens to go with my camera. It is a Rodenstock Ysaron 127mm. I went out yesterday morning and shot a couple of chromes (agfa 100). They will be ready to be picked up tomorrow night. I can't wait.

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