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Thread: Large Format Internet Resources?

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    Large Format Internet Resources?

    Hi All,

    I just finished reading John and David Collett's book "Black & White Landscape P hotography" which I enjoyed. In the back of the book there is a list of "interne t resouces" listing Usenet Newsgroups, Internet Mailing Lists, and Internet Rela y Channels. As I started looking at some of the newsgroups I was impressed by ho w bad some of them were (advertisements, off topic postings, porno).

    I am wondering if you all can tell me which are the indispensible ones for large format fine art work. I love this site and know about even though the large format section there doesn't seem too active.

    So, what 1)newsgruops 2)Internet mailing groups 3)Internet relay channels are th e quality ones?

    Thanks for all your help!


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    Large Format Internet Resources?

    Scott, stay here. You won't find better!

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    Large Format Internet Resources?

    Ditto. This is the best out there.

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    Large Format Internet Resources?

    This is the best I've found thus far, that's for sure, and I doubt that there's anything better.
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    Large Format Internet Resources? equipment large-format (I hope I've got the dots and dashes right - if not, send me an e mail and I'll get it right or perhaps someone else here can correct me if I'm wrong) is a good group for large format questions. There are quite a few very knowledgeable poeple who regularly participate. It can get cantankerous at times but mostly it's a very civilized group and you might subscribe through your ISP and see how you like it. Other than this group, it's the best one I've found.
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    Large Format Internet Resources?

    This forum is by far one of the best internet forums I have ever encountered on any subject. Knowledgeable people, no attitude and not much unrelated stuff.

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