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Thread: Northern Virginia/Washington, DC

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    Re: Northern Virginia/Washington, DC

    I live in Virginia Beach, and just saw this threadÖ

    There are some beautiful things in Williamsburg, and around the ports and beaches here in Hampton Roads.

    The eastern shore is an absolute delight to explore as well!

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    Re: Northern Virginia/Washington, DC

    Used to meet with you guys but because of certain circumstances - dropped out. Would like to resurrect my "membership" and shoot with you guys -- 5x7 and 4x5 with a darkroom in the house -- also P/P --
    retired so time is only side.


    Steve Epstein

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    Re: Northern Virginia/Washington, DC

    Quote Originally Posted by Milton Tierney View Post
    Ft. Washington NP is an interesting place to shoot. The best times are between Sep and June. Just remember...when school is out all the little ones are about. I find fall and early spring are the best times. Parking is close by and ample. Iím retired so anytime during the week will work for me.
    Hope you have a speedy recovery.
    Fall is here and school is in session We should do Great Falls or similar. Norfolk is awesome but pretty far south for a mid Atlantic get together.

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