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Thread: Northern Virginia/Washington, DC

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    Re: Northern Virginia/Washington, DC

    I am bumping this to solicit interest in another get together. Could be Great Falls again. I have some unique access to the Airport/Seaport in Baltimore. I might be able to set something up if folks are interested.

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    Re: Northern Virginia/Washington, DC

    I am interested.


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    Re: Northern Virginia/Washington, DC

    I'm interested but very busy.


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    Re: Northern Virginia/Washington, DC

    I would be interested as well.


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    Re: Northern Virginia/Washington, DC

    Great Falls MD or VA would interest me.


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    Re: Northern Virginia/Washington, DC

    If small streams with small waterfalls and lots of trees fall into the OP's list of interesting places to photograph, I recommend Prince William Forest Park down in Prince William County, Virginia. The National Park Service manages the park, and in the 1930's it was a Civilian Conservation Corps Camp (CCC). It was the "demonstration" camp for showing the CCC's work to members of Congress and others. Lots of good trails along the streams and in the woods. The park has existed for over 70 years now, and it gets better all the time as the trees grow larger. There are remnants of the old farms that once were there, and now and then some huge old trees that obviously once were in open fields. My late wife and I used to frequently go for day hikes there when we lived in Woodbridge, Virginia. It was great in the spring, fall and winter. She loved the beech trees that retained their leaves in the winter--and grew more photogenic as the winter sun slowly beached the leaves lighter.


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    Re: Northern Virginia/Washington, DC

    I'm in Baltimore and would be interedted in Southern Maryland and northern Virginia locations.

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    Re: Northern Virginia/Washington, DC

    Folks: Surprised to see as much life on this thread as there is. I'm just beginning to go down the LF rabbit hole, and am curious whether there are any LF shooters in Annapolis / Baltimore area? Let me add that I'm also curious whether you guys know someone who'd help a beginner learn the ropes... take a lesson, or whatever? LF isn't all that common, and it'd be handy to know the difference between actual shooting and a math concentric approach that seems to be very much in the books I have picked up ( Steve Simmons, Jack Dykinga, Leslie Stroebel and Harvey Shaman). Thanks!

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    Re: Northern Virginia/Washington, DC

    I'm a bit far in Morgantown, WV, though if you're ever traveling I68 stop by. I just wanted to pipe in and suggest you just don't worry about the books and just take some pictures. Then use the books, or posting/search here, to answer any questiong you can't figure out on your own. Once you know how to load a holder, you're ready to go. Lots of mistakes will happen, and you learn a lot from each one. I did some learnin' that way just last weekend. Cheap film is a big help in this, and x-ray film is probably the only thing really cheap these days. Plenty of info on x-ray film, lenses, etc here, but the biggest thing is just to make it happen. If it is a Crown Graphic with 127 Ektar, so be it, you can learn as much or more than with a hotshot setup.

    Hopefully you'll find some folks nearby to meet up with. Should be more than plenty around there, even a few exist around here. Good luck.

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    Re: Northern Virginia/Washington, DC

    Iím located in Waldorf, Southern MD. Iíve been shooting LF for 50 years now, do need to get out and shoot more. I would be glad to help with your LF. Could meet someplace in Calvert Co. Do not like large cities, to much traffic. Iím retired and have lots of free time. Let me know if I can help.

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