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Thread: Foto 3 competition - follow up

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    Re: Foto 3 competition - follow up

    I've contacted one of the judges, and he assures me that there was a serious day of judging of submissions and that winners were selected for color and B&W in the Master and Student categories, and that some of the submissions (those that were submitted as prints) were available for viewing somewhere at the conference location. He says that he did not keep a list of winners, and he did not say how many prints were selected, but he seemed cordial and forthcoming with what he knew. I think that he has no reason not to be truthful, as his professional reputation is worth more than any benefit he may have received from his association with Foto3, and I do not doubt his account of his participation.

    The real questions, it seems, go beyond the participation of the judges. Indeed, there may have been judgments made and winners selected, but were all the winners informed of the results? Were prizes distributed in all categories? And, did the winning participants receive an appropriate degree of public recognition as is the norm in such competitions? These are not questions that the judges are in a position to answer.

    In most cases, announcing the winners is not something that a competition organizer does begrudgingly. Indeed, most competition organizers want to show off the results of their efforts and take pride in the quality of submissions they have received. This is normally good publicity for the organizers and builds success in future competitions.

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    Re: Foto 3 competition - follow up

    An outsiders view;

    This saga will go round and round in circles with accusations being made left right and centre unless something is done to resolve the fiasco. You need to bite the bullet Steve.

    There are now a number of issues that need to be resolved.

    1. All those who entered Images need to know what happened, who was awarded prizes etc. They also have right to see those images published either in View Camera or Online somewhere. Remember they paid good money to enter so will naturally feel aggrieved and extremely let down.
    Perhaps ripped off . . .

    2.Those that won entered knowing their images would be exhibited or published, so why should they be given the option back out now. If they want too then they should return their prizes/money.

    3. Don't the Judges have faith to stand by their decisions and see the work published ?

    4. Not publishing or showing the work properly implies that you and the Judges felt the quality of the entries was poor and not fit to be exhibited properly or published. If that's the case say it !

    5. Of course there's another option you didn't agree with the Judges choices.

    There is a very simple solution - Publish the list of winners and the images and be damned, and you will have kept nearly all your (Foto3) original promises. What do you really have to lose, NOTHING, that way only artistic decisions are questionable.

    If not you will remain accused of underhand skulduggery, and deceit, with no way out of a vicious circle of accusations.

    If you can't resolve these issue then you can't ever run a similar competition inn the future, because the attacks will start all over again with a vengeance, and with good reason.


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    Re: Foto 3 competition - follow up

    Here's a good example of how it's done--

    There is a press release with a judge's statement and list of the winners' names and locations. There is an installation photo of the exhibition. Above and beyond that, there is an online winners' gallery.

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    Re: Foto 3 competition - follow up

    Quote Originally Posted by steve simmons View Post
    As I have said I do not believe there is any real interest in this except for some to keep bashing an event that they have been negative towards from the beginning.
    It seems like you're confusing the LFF with APUG.

    People just want to see the results of the contest...

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    Re: Foto 3 competition - follow up

    Mr. Simmons

    I must say, this all would be prevented, if you would post winners right away after the competion as you announced in the first place, But you failed to do your due dilligence Mr. Simmons.

    Because of your initial hesitation due to "Unknown' reason, you gave a chance to all this conversation, which naturally led into personal attacks, guessing what is going on and all that mess we have here.

    So, please, stop accusing us from our behaviour towards contest, because we're not guilty, but you are! Also,Don't make your nice excuses as the reason of your failure Mr. Simmons. That is a very cheap shot.

    Rule #1. Look what/who caused the mess, not what came out if it!
    Peter Hruby

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    Re: Foto 3 competition - follow up

    I think it's unfortunate that the situation has come to this. Weird thing is that I was planning on entering this contest but decided to back out after all the drama that took place before the event. I'm glad I did at this point.
    Mike Boden
    Instagram: @mikebodenphoto

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    Re: Foto 3 competition - follow up

    I am closing this thread.
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