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Thread: Southwest Workshop

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    Southwest Workshop

    Gordon Hutchings and I are doing an Historic Sites in the Southwest workshop Sept 24-29. We will be visiting Acoma, Chaco and Canyon de Chelly. The workshop starts the morning of the 24th in Abq with meet and greet and potfolio reviews. We then travel to Acoma for a late afternoon/evening photo session (tripods allowed) and we will spend the night in Grants, NM. The next day we travel to Chaco (camping required) for an evening session and an early morning session the next day. That afternoon we will travel to Canyon de Chelly and will spend all day Sat the 28th in the canyon. The workshop breaks after breakfast on Sunday the 29th.

    In Abq the night before, in Grants and Canyon de Chelly we will recommend lodging possibilities. The only lodging in Chaco is the campground. Both times we have done this before I slept out under the stars and enjoyed it very much.

    If you have questions e-mail

    or call 505-899-8054 m-f 7-3 Mountain time.

    steve simmons

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    Re: Southwest Workshop

    What is the cost?

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