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Thread: Kodak Anastigmat mount size?

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    Kodak Anastigmat mount size?

    Can anyone tell me whether the different focal lengths among the barrel-mount "30 Series" Kodak f/4.5 Anastigmats share the same screw mount size? I'm looking to replace the hazy 6 3/8" one that came with my quarter-plate Graflex, and I'm trying to figure out what my options are. Putting a ruler across the flange, the mount appears to be just about 49mm in diameter.

    Also, it would be interesting to know whether any other barrel lenses share the same thread.

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    Re: Kodak Anastigmat mount size?

    What you ask could be hard to answer. I have two number 33 Anastigmats and they're both different. One is in a dial set Compur and the other one is just plain weird. It's a barrel lens in a silly mount that involves a couple of brass adapter rings. Hard to explain. That's about all I can say.

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